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A long awaited and much needed addition to any eCommerce store. The software and packages available are easy to set up, simple to use and ready to make an impact on the customer experience beyond the parcel. 

Along with the volume of parcels, shopper expectations have increased dramatically during the year-that-shall-not-be-named. Cart Abandonment was googled in record amounts during this year and it is no mystery as to why. Every report shows cart abandonment being a key metric to track as an eCommerce business, but why has this term become so popular recently? Savvy shoppers of all demographics are doing the grunt work to find a retailer that can offer them the shipping and delivery they want. One or two generic shipping options becomes a dealbreaker for so many. 


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Potential customers abandon their carts in search of convenience. They visit multiple sites, enduring unfavourable shipping options thinking they don’t have a choice, until now.

Helping not only the customer in making the most convenient decisions – based on affordability or timeliness of their delivery – this software is a knight in shining armour for any eCommerce store. This gives the retailer a final opportunity to secure the sale.

Couriers X shows the best shipping rates and services for parcels and deliveries of all shapes and sizes on all eCommerce platforms. We believe that the modern shopper has been waiting to shop with the option of who they ship with. Retailers have been searching for a wide range of domestic and international couriers that can bolster their relationship with customers and logistic companies alike. 

CouriersX Plans

At CouriersX, we aim to provide the best prices by utilising multiple carriers. We give you the option of picking what carrier and what service you want to use at the best possible rate! We want to make your shipping easy and hassle free.

Do you have a large volume of consignments? Have you been looking for affordable multi-carrier shipping software? Well today is your lucky day, because we can offer even bigger discounts depending on the volume of your freight!

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