How To Get Your E-Commerce Shipping Right

There’s nothing worse than receiving an email from a customer who says their package is missing. After all the effort you’ve put into making sure your customers want your products, from the images on your website, your online store and packaging design, this is the last thing you need! When it comes to online shopping, delivery should be simple. But it can feel like this is where your brand is most at risk.


Shipping is an essential part of your online business. It’s the point where your customer finally comes into contact with your product in person. It represents a major part of their customer experience with your store. If your courier is letting your customers down that reflects badly on your brand image.


That’s why it’s so important to have reliable shipping options. Shipping fulfilment options can seem complex but they don’t have to be; most shoppers already know the names of shipping companies from years of experience and would be happy to choose their preferred couriers themselves.


Giving your customers choice puts them in control of their purchase delivery. Customers are already well versed in the concept of crowdsourcing and the gig economy and are primed to take charge of their shipping experience.

e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay have made flexible shipping options the new normal. 


Customers know the names of the shipping companies they trust. Customers also know the names of the shipping companies they don’t trust. That’s why offering just one delivery service option risks putting off customers at the point of purchase. You can’t control whether or not your customers have had a good or bad experience with one particular shipping company, but giving them more options at checkout can ensure a sale. 


Most customers are willing to foot the shipping fee if they feel confident that they will receive their parcel safely within a set time frame, and can choose a courier service they trust. No one likes to wait around for a parcel that never arrives, and every customer has different shipping requirements that work best for them and their area.


For example, if your customer lives in the CBD then they may be familiar with parcel pick-up options. Pick up points are readily available throughout most metropolitan areas and people living in large apartment blocks with small post boxes are their biggest users.


However, customers living in rural and remote areas may prefer local shipping companies who they know and trust to reach their destination, such as Australia Post. Getting shipping right for your customers is a sure way to earn their loyalty and ensure a quality customer service experience!

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