Why You Should Automate Your Shipping

If you run an eCommerce business, then you know how shipping is a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to attracting and retaining customers.

In the digital age, we expect to have flexible, high-quality shipping and delivery options available to us. If not, we often click away and shop elsewhere.
Your job as an eCommerce retailer is to make sure your customers don’t have any reasons to shop around.

However, as an eCommerce business, you also know that shipping and delivery has a big impact on your business-running costs. You can’t always offer what the customer wants (cheap shipping) without cutting into your bottom line.
Ideally, you want shipping and delivery options that are low-cost and convenient for both you and your customers.

So, imagine if customers could pick and choose the most affordable shipping courier available per purchase?
This way, you give them greater choice and control over the delivery of their purchase, without making shipping and delivery promises (“free delivery!”) that you can’t turn a profit on.

Well, that’s exactly what we offer here at CouriersX through the power of shipping software that effortlessly automates the process.
In fact, we foresee a future where almost all aspects of eCommerce store management are simple and automated.

So, to illustrate the value of automated shipping further, let’s run through the top four benefits of shipping software to date.

Say Goodbye to Human Error.

Manual data entry is the bane of your existence in small business, not just because it is tedious, but because it is rife with human error. A wrong keystroke here or there can wreak havoc on your shipping and deliveries, which relies on precise parcel data and address details to get right.
That was until address verification software came along to ensure that your customers don’t input their personal details incorrectly.
When barcodes, addresses and shipping details are correct, the likelihood of a parcel getting lost is low to nil. So, by implementing automated shipping systems, you save yourself from the hassle of human error.

Say Hello to Convenience.

Putting all of your orders in the one place is probably the best thing about shipping automation. Good shipping software is designed to integrate into other platforms, so you only need to access your central shipping system to control every aspect of shipping and delivery.

Whether you’re dealing with orders across multiple channels, combined orders or split orders; being able to manage everything in one place is going to save you time and stress.

You can close the scores of tabs you have open, because you can now see your entire eCommerce order system in one platform.

This means shipping is much easier to master. It also means it’s much easier to train new staff in how to effectively manage orders, shipment and delivery matters.

You’ll become a much more smoothly running business, and customers will feel the positive effects.
Furthermore, most shipping management software allows you to filter orders, set alerts, edit orders, add order tags, as well as have full access to past orders and generate order, product and shipping reports.
The fact that you can also integrate your stores with best available carriers doesn’t hurt, either.

Prepare to Scale-Up for Success.

From managing the post-purchase experience – such as package branding, automated tracking updates and customised carrier labels – to offering your customers a wide range of shipping options that benefit your bottom line, shipping automation exists to make your life easier and, as your business becomes bigger, automated shipping software effortlessly adjusts and simplifies more and more orders.

One advantage in particular that can save you a great deal of stress is the power of insight. Analytics gleaned from managing all of your orders in the one place enables shipping software to generate “forecasts” for when more or less inventory will be needed. Saying goodbye to guess-work, and hello to a business that you can easily steer toward success.

Want to know more about our low-cost shipping solutions? Contact CouriersX today.

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