The Who’s Who in E-Commerce Shipping

We all love opening our front door to find a parcel on our doorstep. Online shopping gives us that Christmas feeling all year round and has become a major trillion dollar industry. In just one simple click your online purchase is on its way to you. But for your business it’s a different story.

The Obstacles.

Australia is a huge country. Despite being one of the biggest countries in the world it is also one of the least populated! This represents a big obstacle when it comes to shipping because it’s difficult to cover vast distances, and even more difficult when there are limited population centres along the way to manage your delivery.

Luckily there are a number of good shipping services that cover most of Australia. No matter what you sell, there is a shipping service that will fit your business. While there are always new vendors coming on the market, the key players are Australia Post, Couriers Please, DHL and FedEx. Let’s take a closer look.

Australia Post.

Australia Post is Australia’s oldest mail delivery service. They offer a huge variety of delivery options for domestic and international shipping and have over 4400 post officers around the country for easy parcel lodgement and pick up! They offer a flat rate service that covers regional and remote areas that is extremely popular with domestic business. On the down side, Australia Post can be extremely slow and their express service only includes limited routes and limited package sizes. 

Couriers Please.

Couriers Please may be the new kid on the block but they’re a specialised metropolitan parcel delivery with wide coverage across Australia. While technically a courier service, they have expanded their service options specifically for e-commerce, to include parcel pick up stations (POPStation) and news agency hubs (HUBBED) in every major city in Australia.


When it comes to international shipping, you’ve probably heard of DHL. DHL are an e-commerce courier who offer domestic and international delivery, pick-up and return options. If you deliver internationally, particularly in Europe and the UK, DHL offers the best solutions in terms of international taxes and customs support.


Fedex is the world’s largest transportation company with delivery options in more than 220 countries. They have an excellent shipping management platform that automates the entire process online. They may be on the pricier end of the shipping options but their tracking features are top rate and may be of particular benefit to luxury retailers.

Key Takeaway.

The best delivery service for your e-commerce business may come down to your specific needs and customers but there’s a case to be made for using all of them! That’s why multi shipping software is the next big thing, by putting shipping choices into your customer’s hands.

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